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PIP change could help people with M.E.

June 02, 2017

A new change to the way Personal Independence Payment (PIP) applications are processed could be helpful to people with M.E.

In a recent PIP decision, the tribunal decided that when considering a person’s ability to mobilise as often as required, consideration should be given to where the individual would choose to walk if their health did not prevent them, as long as the activity is reasonable – ‘life in the sense of mixing with others, taking part in activities with others, undertaking recreation and cultural activities can be part of normal life. It is not in any way unreasonable that the severely disabled person should want to be involved in them despite his disability.’

What this means is that someone who can only perform tasks that are absolutely essential but can’t engage in social or recreational events away from home due to post-exertional malaise and fatigue will have this considered as part of their application. So now you will not only score points if you can’t walk to the shops and buy food – you will also score points if you want to walk to a place you would like to visit for recreational activities, such as going to the cinema.

If you’re applying for PIP and need more information about these changes, you can call our free and confidential Welfare Advice and Support Service.