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PrecisionLife & Metrodora Institute: Clinical Trials

PrecisionLife & Metrodora Institute: Clinical Trials

May 13, 2024

PrecisionLife and Metrodora Institute have launched new clinical trials, in the United States (US), to accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS and Long Covid patients.

Up to 1,000 patients are being recruited into targeted precision medicine clinical trials, with readout results expected as early as this year. These trials are designed to provide validation of safety and effectiveness for novel diagnostics and innovative clinical care pathways in ME/CFS, Long Covid, and related disorders.

The partners have developed genotypic diagnostic tests that are now being evaluated for their ability to provide clinicians with an accurate view of a patient's risk of a specific disease. Ultimately, using the molecular profile of their underlying disease mechanisms, these tests will also be used to recruit cohorts to evaluate the effectiveness of drug repurposing candidates targeting specific disease mechanisms to improve patient outcomes.

The partnership builds on PrecisionLife's unique insights into the mechanisms driving ME/CFS and Long Covid, Metrodora's deep clinical and research expertise, and collaborations with Action for M.E. and the world's largest ME/CFS study, DecodeME.

Speaking on the trials, our CEO, Sonya Chowdhury, said:

"Unravelling the mechanistic causes of ME enables us to better diagnose individual patients and identify existing therapies that may be effective in treating them.

We hope that actionable clinical trials like these will lead to faster, more accurate diagnosis as well as new treatment options for patients. This will in turn spur on new and much-needed research into the illnesses."

Recruitment for the trial will open in June and will be accessible through Metrodora's research platform, Metrodora Connect.

Please note: only US residents can register for the trial.

The partners have also identified a number of drug repurposing candidates associated with disease modifying mechanisms in ME/CFS and Long Covid, that if proved well-tolerated and effective in the planned trials, could accelerate the approval of effective new personalised treatments for patients.

For more information on the trial and patient eligibility, click here [LINK WHEN AVAILABLE].