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Products to help when showering feels like running a marathon

August 20, 2019

f your M.E./CFS makes showering difficult, you're not alone. When you have chronic illness, sometimes even just washing your hair can feel like you've run a marathon. If you struggle to shower, this article contains information about products that may help.

Please note that these products are just recommendations and not endorsements.

Get a shampoo dispenser

Dispensers are useful alternatives to lifting heavy bottles in the shower. They attach to the wall and each section can be filled with shampoo, conditioner, body wash or lotion.

This is one that we found.

Try off without the hassle

Struggle to properly dry off after a shower? Towel robes might be able to help. Slip in to one of these handy robes and let it do the drying for you.

The towel shop have a huge range of different towel robes.

Upgrade your shower head

Having an adjustable and detachable shower head means you can have more control over the height of your shower and where the water where it is hitting you – whether you are sat down or stood up.

We've found this shower head on

Grip gadgets

If you’re struggling with exhaustion, dizziness & balance whilst in the shower, grip bars may be a great solution. These bars use suction to attach themselves to the wall.

Amazon hosts a huge range of different grip bars.

Long-handled loofahs

#pwME can struggle with symptoms such aching joints, nerve pains & twitching muscles/cramps. If you struggle to wash certain spots of your body due to chronic pain a long handled loofah might help you. We found this affordable loofah on Amazon.

Sit whilst you shower

Having a place to sit can make showering so much easier. This useful hack is an easy way to reserve some of the energy that you would use when standing for long periods of time. You can find a huge range of chairs here.