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Prof Ron Davis' severe M.E. study: initial findings presented

June 08, 2016

Prof Ron Davis presented new findings from his big data study on severe M.E. at last week’s Invest in ME research conference, reports #MEAction.

“Davis’s preliminary data show serious problems with the biochemical processes needed to convert sugars and fats from food into energy the body can use,” writes Simon McGrath. “If these findings are replicated, this could prove a major step forward in understanding M.E./CFS.”

A full report on the conference is currently being prepared, and the most recent issue of the Journal of IMER includes abstracts from the conference, which took place in London on Friday.

In America, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has announced five-year funding totalling $3,281,515 for new M.E. research.

EurakAlert! reports that Prof Derya Unutmaz, Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, intends to screen blood samples for potential immunological biomarkers for M.E., and use the results to develop better diagnostic tools, potentially leading to personalised treatments.