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Raising awareness for M.E. Awareness Day

May 12, 2017

The Department of Work and Pensions is encouraging its staff to read our toolkit for professionals for M.E. Awareness Day today, which tells employers how best to support people with M.E. who want to stay in or return to work.

Our media case studies – real stories of people living with M.E. – have so far appeared in three regional newspapers today, and our awareness-raising letters to editors have appeared in seven as of 10.30am, with an estimated total reach of 77,500 people.

A TV interview with one of our case studies, Elizabeth Ruffley, and Clare Ogden, Head of Communications and Policy, Action for M.E., will be broadcast on That’s Lancashire TV later today – we will share a link to the recording next week.

A discussion in the Scottish Parliament yesterday calling for the Parliament to recognise the experiences of people with M.E. – which Action for M.E. provided briefings for – has so far been reported on by 29 Scottish publications.

At around 1.15pm today, Natalie Boyte will be on BBC Radio Jersey talking about Walk with M.E., a challenge that has been set up to raise awareness of M .E. while raising funds in aid of Action for M.E on the run up to M.E. Awareness Day.

We’ll have more updates on our awareness-raising activities as they develop throughout M.E. Awareness Month!