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'Researcher Toolkit' for ME/CFS launched

'Researcher Toolkit' for ME/CFS launched

May 28, 2024

The UK Clinical Research Collaborative (UKCRC) Research Working Group on ME/CFS has launched its 'Researcher Toolkit'.

Government funders of research in ME, academic researchers, and people with lived experience of ME worked together to develop the toolkit which provides an important overview of:

  • UK Government research funding opportunities
  • Guides to embedding patient and public involvement (PPI)
  • Resources on develop quality proposals, and more.

You can find the Toolkit on the PSP website.

What's the Priority Setting Partnership (PSP)?

The ME/CFS Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) was led by an independent group of people with ME/CFS, carers, and clinicians, facilitated by a non-profit making initiative, the James Lind Alliance (JLA).

By asking those with lived experience of the condition, and those working in the ME-field, rather than researchers seeking funding, the group identified the Top 10+ research priorities for ME/CFS.

Read more, here.