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Say yes to biomedical research: show your support

January 03, 2020

More than 1,500 people with M.E., carers, family members and friends have already shown their support for a potentially game-changing genetic study - but we need thousands more.

You can show your support by visiting the M.E./CFS Biomedical Partnership website and clicking Yes, I support this research to answer two simple questions (you can also register to receive updates about the research by email).

Please tell your family and friends to do the same, so that potential funders can see just how much support this biomedical M.E. research has.

The M.E./CFS Biomedical Partnership, established in November 2019, is led by experienced biomedical M.E. research scientists, people with M.E., and charity representatives including our Chief Executive, Sonya Chowdhury. In the next few months, it will make a grant application to the Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research for a genome-wide association study. This will analyse DNA from the saliva of 20,000 people with M.E. to help us understand the disease and explore potential treatments. Find out more about progress so far on the partnership's FAQ page.