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Scottish government launches National Action Plan

January 16, 2019

The Scottish Government has published a draft National Action Plan on Neurological Conditions. It sets out the vision of improving diagnosis, treatment and care of people with neurological conditions in Scotland. The aims of the plan are to:

  • Ensure people with neurological conditions and their carers are partners in their care and support
  • Improve the provision of coordinated health and social care and support for people with neurological conditions
  • Ensure high standards of effective, person-centred, and safe care and support
  • Improve equitable and timely access to health and social care and support across Scotland
  • Build a sustainable neurological workforce for the future.

This plan was developed in response to a lived experience survey of people living with neurological conditions. 33% of the 588 responses to the survey were from people living with M.E. in Scotland. However, Action for M.E. are disappointed that the published report on the survey included very little analysis of the data acquired from people with M.E. instead focusing on Alzheimer's disease, tension type headache, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and Motor neurone disease. If M.E. were to have been included it would have been Scotland's fourth most prevalent disease.

Action for M.E. are taking the time to respond to this plan and highlight areas where this plan will affect the lives of people with M.E./CFS. In particular, we would like to see the introduction of specialist services for people with M.E./CFS and trained healthcare professionals who can take a lead in its delivery.

We will publish our response shortly but in the meantime, we would encourage people to read the document and access the consultation if they have any comments or concerns they would like to add.