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See our survey feedback from people with severe M.E.

August 06, 2020

Our Big Survey that we carried out last year gave us the chance to hear from over 4,000 people with M.E. This included hearing from children and adults with severe M.E.

Feedback from individuals with severe M.E. told us that:

- Less than one in five respondents (14%) with severe M.E. received a diagnosis within six months, despite this being the timescale set out in UK government guidance

- Nearly three quarters (73%) said they are no longer able to leave home independently

- More than a third (35%) said it has affected their decision to have children

- One in five (20%) have seen their GP more than 7 times about their M.E.

- Two thirds (64%) of respondents under 18 with severe M.E. said they are not accessing any education. Nearly half (46%) are in touch with other young people with M.E. online.

You can access a pdf of our Big Survey feedback from people with severe M.E. for free at the 'campaign and survey reports'



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