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SEN magazine features report into false accusations

September 26, 2017

Action for M.E.’s report into the experiences of families affected by M.E. who’ve faced false accusations of abuse, neglect and fabricated/induced illness has been featured in Special Educational Needs Magazine, which is sent to teachers, SENCOs, carers, parents, therapists and special need practitioners across the country.

Our report being included in the magazine is a great opportunity to educate thousands of staff working with young people about the realities of M.E.

Our survey of 270 families found that one in five respondents said they had had a safeguarding/child protection referral made against them. Nearly half of the claims were of fabricated/induced illness or FII (previously known as Munchausen’s by Proxy), which occurs when a parent or carer exaggerates or deliberately causes symptoms of illness in the child.

In response to these findings, Action for M.E. will take action by sharing our survey results with policy-makers and professionals, including parliamentarians and the Chief Social Worker for Children and Families. We will be inviting them to work with us to increase understanding of M.E. among frontline staff, and reduce the number of families subjected to false accusations.