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Severe M.E. Day 2020: Rose's Diary

August 08, 2020

“I have had severe M.E for 21 years and been housebound for that period. I do not know how I have survived, but I have. The challenge is beyond the disabling symptoms. The circumstances of having no one are causing me to suffer with anxiety and depression.”

Keeping with the theme of highlighting people’s lived experiences this Severe M.E. Week, Rose’s Diary from our InterAction magazine sees Rose share her ongoing battle with severe M.E.

Rose’s words highlight how the challenges of severe M.E. do not stop at the symptoms of the illness. Factors like being house-bound, requiring care, and the need to carefully manage the slightest task underline how challenges can build up for patients.

Rose also reflects on what helps her to cope with having severe M.E.:

“Talking things through with my carers, writing it out on the M.E Friends Online forum, and finding ways to distract myself are all things that have helped me cope.
“Sometimes we do not think we are brave or strong but if we glance back over all we have endured and survived then we know we are capable of more than we think.”

Rose’s diary is a regular feature in our InterAction magazine. Thank you Rose for contributing your thoughts and sharing your experiences with severe M.E.