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#ShareGoodScience in response to The Sunday Times

March 18, 2019

A number of you have contacted us about the awful story by Rod Liddle in yesterday’s Sunday Times. Given the stiff competition to get a response published in the paper itself, we have chosen to comment on the story instead:

“This is part of a fairly repetitive series about myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and/or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) from Rod Liddle over the past decade, sticking to the now considerably outdated view that the key controversy over M.E. is whether it’s a psychiatric condition. It's not: the thrust of the argument from the so-called “M.E. lobby” – presumably this includes scientists from Harvard, Stanford and similar institutions involved in recent biomedical research – is about what is and isn’t good science. There’s plenty of good science happening and, although progress is slow, it is progress nonetheless. Check out #ShareGoodScience on Twitter for the other sides of this story.”

Given Mr Liddle’s previous stories about M.E., we don’t believe he is interested in really engaging with us, or the real story about biomedical M.E. research. But it’s important to respond to articles like this, so that readers of The Sunday Times have the chance to see the other side of the story. We will continue to get involved in the hashtag #ShareGoodScience to combat myths, misconceptions and stigma – we ask that you join in too.

The article itself is fraught with ignorance and misconceptions about M.E. However, the comments underneath the piece are full of powerful personal experiences around M.E. If you like our comment then please recommend it so that readers encountering the article for the first time are encouraged to find an alternative story.