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Social media takeover with Evan

May 03, 2019

As part of M.E. awareness month we will be having our first ever social media takeover by a person with M.E.!

What does this mean?

On Wednesday 8 May, Action for M.E. will hand over our social media pages to Evan (Ev). She will spend the day tweeting, posting and sharing her life with you in order to raise awareness for M.E./CFS. Throughout the day you will get to follow her day-to-day life and read advice that she has to offer others living with the same condition. You can follow her on all of our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so make sure that you tune in.

Meet Evan:

Ev has a successful blog called ‘The Corner Stone of Thoughts’ which she has been writing since 2014. She started it as a hobby where she could talk about voting, mental health and Top Gear but since then has allowed her to peruse a dream of writing for an audience.

Ev was diagnosed with M.E./CFS in 2017. It was an illness that left her on crutches for three months and out of work for six months. During this period, she “found her passion for candid writing ensuring that if there was an issue, then the issue needed to be addressed in favour of hiding behind it and pretending the issue did not exist. The illness, despite impacting Ev's daily life has given her the platform to share struggles and issues relating to the illness.”

When speaking about her reasons for taking part in our social media takeover Ev tells us:

“I've lived with M.E./CFS for the last two years and in those two years I've come to realize how little education there is on the illness. There is still a stigma around it and I want to continue to raise awareness for a topic that has impacted my life so much and will continue to do so along with impacting my fellow sufferers lives on a daily basis. I'm lucky, that I work and can live a life that some would consider as normal however social media and those who do not know me, will not be aware that M.E./CFS impacts my activity in what I can and can't do anymore.”