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Social world podcast: the reality of M.E.

October 28, 2016

"Imagine your world shrinking to a point so that all you see, day after day, is your bedroom, darkened because any light burns holes in your head. Any attempt to move is thwarted because it feels like an elephant is sat on you. Regardless of how much you rest or sleep, you are still exhausted and have no energy whatsoever. Friends have stopped calling and family struggle to really understand what’s wrong with you."

That's how our Chief Executive Sonya Chowdhury describes M.E. in a new blog for the Social World Podcast series. The series, run by social care specialist and trainer David Niven, shares information on social work and social care for professionals and others, with the aim of promoting discussion and education.

It is planned that Sonya will be interviewed by David for a podcast in due course, looking at M.E. and its impact, and particularly on the gap between need and social care service provision. Our Close to collapse report found that 97% of people with M.E. who responded to our survey experience two or more difficulties with daily living activities listed in the Care Act 2014 for England. However, just 16% had received social care assessments and, of these, only 6% had been awarded a care package.