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July 18, 2022

*Please note you may find this content distressing*

Earlier this morning Jo Mckee, mother of Ella Copley, appeared on Times Radio to discuss the treatment her daughter Ella, who has severe M.E., is receiving at Leeds General Infirmary. Miss Mckee was also featured in the Times coverage which you can read here.

Our Chief Executive Sonya Chowdhury has written a letter to the hospital’s Chief Executive, saying she is aware of several other situations that bear similarities with Ella's illness and care. Dr Phil Wood, Chief Medical officer and Deputy Chief Executive at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, has said they

"appreciate the support offered by the Action for ME charity and we will be meeting with them to discuss their insight and knowledge in further detail.

Sonya later appeared on Times Radio where she spoke to Matt Chorley about the story and the support and recognition that people with M.E. need and deserve. During her interview, Sonya said

'We want Ella and others to be listened to, to be taken seriously, and given treatments that are available. We want the Department of Health and Social Care M.E./CFS Delivery Plan to continue to be taken forward with investment in research and a national clinical lead for M.E., so no child is left to suffer. We hear from people every day who are seen as a problem, their illness if not recognised. It's not good enough."