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Taking action to raise awareness of M.E. in Wales

June 24, 2016

Action for M.E. is working with M.E. Support in Glamorgan (MESIG) to raise awareness of M.E. among parliamentarians and policy-makers in Wales.

Along with MESIG’s Christalla Bailey, our Head of Communications and Policy Clare Ogden will give a short presentation at an event sponsored by Julie Morgan, Labour AM for Cardiff North. All 60 AMs are being invited, and anyone affected by M.E. in Wales is encouraged to get in touch with their local AM, and attend the event themselves if they are able.

“In Wales the opportunity to obtain a diagnosis is limited, as there is a general lack of knowledge regarding the condition or misconceptions of what it is and how it may be treated,” says Christalla. “There is no M.E. clinic in Wales and no M.E. specialist or consultant to whom GPs may refer patients. Lack of medical support means that people are left with a chronic health condition but they may not have medical evidence in order to obtain benefits, and could be left destitute as a result.”

Those attending will also hear from people with M.E. in Wales about their personal experience of the condition, and how their lives could be transformed if they had access to appropriate care.

This MESIG event will take place 12.30pm to 1.30pm on Wednesday 13 July in Conference Room 24, Ty Hywel, The National Assembly for Wales. If you would like to attend or encourage your AM to do so, please contact MESIG who can provide you with an invitation.