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Tell NHS Wales about your access to health services

July 20, 2017

How could services and support for people in Wales be improved, including for children, families and adults with M.E.?

If you live in Wales, you can register to take part in research looking at health, well-being and social care, with the results of the study feeding into the development of NHS Wales.

HealthWise Wales, a study being conducted at Cardiff and Swansea Universities and funded by Health and Care Research Wales, is looking to recruit as many people to take part as possible. They welcome participants of all ages and from any location across Wales, and a mixture of people who are healthy or unwell, including people with M.E. and any other long-term conditions.

The information they gather will be used to “understand how to find better treatments, make health and social services better, and increase health and wellbeing for the people of Wales,” says Healthwise Wales.

If you register with the study, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire on your current health that will take around 15 minutes. New questionnaires will be added every six months, which are expected to take participants up to 10 minutes to complete.

To find out more information and register, visit the Healthwise Wales website or call 0800 917 2172 (Monday to Friday 8pm to 7pm).