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The back to school rush - how we can help

August 30, 2019

School starts next week… where did summer go?!

If you are a young person, or their parent/carer, and are worried about what challenges the new school year may bring – we can help.

Our dedicated Information and support has a huge variety of different services and resources which can support you.

Do you need help understanding what adjustments your school can make to support your education?

Can we support you to liaise with your school to create an Individual Healthcare Plan tailored to the young person’s needs?

Are you looking for some information on how you can speak to teachers about M.E./CFS and how it can affect a young person?

You can get in touch with our information and support team on weekdays between 10am – 4pm by email or calling them on 0117 927 9551. Our website also hosts a huge amount of information and resources:

Information for young people.

Information for parents.

Information to send to your teachers.