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"People with ME have been ignored for far too long"

May 10, 2024

Ahead of World ME Day 2024, Sir Sajid Javid MP has written an article in The Times, stating:

"People with ME have been ignored for far too long."

Sir Sajid also goes on to say:

"Since the NHS was founded 76 years ago, huge advances have been made in combating disease and illness. But those living with ME have been left behind.

For decades, patients have been routinely dismissed.

This Sunday [12 May], World ME Day, is an opportunity to refocus minds on how much more needs to be done. The first objective must be to increase understanding and awareness, including in the medical profession. Too often, patients with ME are misdiagnosed and in some cases they are dismissed by clinicians. Even getting basic information right can be difficult. New efforts are needed to establish proper data records and increase awareness across areas of the government with which patients come into contact.

Second, more support is required to increase research into treatments and cures. Existing funding is welcome, but a step change is sorely needed. As a scientific superpower, the UK should lead efforts to collaborate with international partners to further research in this area.

Third, to ensure better care for patients, every NHS trust needs to implement the latest ME support guidelines. Troubling reports suggest that only one in four trusts are complying. Ministers must investigate this and urgently address what is going wrong."

To read the full article (subscription required), click here.

Westminster Hall debate

The article follows on from the recent Westminster Hall debate, held on Wednesday 1 May and led by Sir Sajid.