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'This is ME': a short film on Spoon Theory

January 11, 2021

“Back in 2019 when still in a bad flare up of M.E. I made a short film hoping to shed some light on our experiences with invisible illnesses and in particular the way in which our family/friends interact with us because of this.

“Today I got news that it would compete for an audience award at the UK Offline Web Fest with a prize of distribution - something I never thought possible.”

'This is ME', a short film written and directed by Josh Pickup of Pickup Films, explores Spoon Theory told through the eyes of a young woman living with M.E./CFS.

Josh’s film has now been nominated for an award, which can be supported by paying $2 to view on the Pure Films website. The film is also available to view for free on Vimeo.

Please note that the video contains audio of a pneumatic drill among other sounds, so those with noise sensitivity should be particularly mindful of volume when playing this title.