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This M.E. Awareness Month, your story matters

April 30, 2020

M.E. Awareness Month is almost upon us, with M.E. Awareness Day on Tuesday 12 May - and it's going to be an M.E. Awareness Month quite unlike any other.

While the world has changed in countless ways, daily life for many people with M.E. remains the same, being reluctant experts in self-isolation.

"I'm so used to 'self-isolating' that I'm doing fine with it. Not being able to let family come in is difficult, but a drive-by, shopping exchange and chat across two metres is still possible."

For some, it's been made considerably harder, having to now compete for the delivery slots and support that they have relied on for years.

"I contacted my local MP who contacted the supermarket CEOs, but the response was disappointing to say the least. I told him people like me are being forgotten about."

Others have felt able to share their strength and support with those new to dealing with illness and uncertainty on a daily basis.

Whatever your experience, your story matters - and we want to help you bring it to the wider world this M.E. Awareness Month.

You can:

  • tell us your story so we can share your experience and insight online and in the media, and help people understand life under lockdown with M.E.
  • get support to have your voice, views and wishes heard in decisions that affect you accessing services appropriate to your needs, via our Crisis, Support and Advocacy Service.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.