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Today is Severe M.E. Day

August 08, 2018

August 8 is Severe M.E. Day, an international day of awareness focused on those who are severely affected by M.E.

Around one in four people with M.E. are severely affected by the condition. They are left house or bed bound, unable to properly care for themselves or even wash properly, sometimes for many years at a time. Many will become light and sound sensitive, unable to tolerate even the light from a mobile phone or computer screen, forced to live their lives in darkened rooms.

You can find out more about what it's like to live with severe M.E. by watching our awareness-raising film, My life is over: the pain of severe M.E.

If you're severely affected by M.E. then Emily Collingridge’s book Severe M.E./CFS: a guide to living offers guidance on every aspect of living with severe M.E. It’s aimed at families and professionals, and the author herself lived with severe M.E. for many years.