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Updated information for teachers and school staff

September 04, 2017

With many schools starting back today, now is the ideal time to educate yourself about how M.E. can affect young people.

If you're a teacher or member of staff working in a school setting, it's particularly important that you understand how destructive the illness can be. Many families tell us that their children's school doesn't understand M.E. and that some staff doubt the illness even exists. This can have a horrible impact on a child's self-esteem, causing unnecessary stress and hardship for them and their family.

We know teachers and school staff are busy people with a lot on their minds, which is why we've produced some handy resources to help them understand the illness. 

If you work within primary and secondary level education, we have information that can help you support your pupils

We also have resources and information for higher and further education staff.

Whatever age range you work with, why not take a few minutes to find out more about this misunderstood illness today? You could be making a world of difference to a young person with M.E.