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Walk with M.E. - Paige's Story

April 29, 2019

This year’s Walk with M.E. team challenge has been a massive success so far. There are only two weeks left of the challenge and many of our teams have done a fantastic job at counting their steps, fundraising for our charity and raising awareness for M.E./CFS.

Paige has been taking part in our campaign over the last few months. She has M.E. and “spent five years trying to get a diagnosis. It felt like I had been given a thousand potential diagnoses such as a potential brain tumor and potential fluid on the brain that would need a shunt to drain it away.

“After five years of having to give up work, university, not living how I thought I would be in my early 20s and spending weeks in bed not being able to move - I was finally given a diagnosis of M.E.

“Not being as active and not feeling like I did before I got ill is very frustrating and is still hard to adjust to but I’m very lucky.

“The thought that tomorrow is unknown and I could go back to being restricted to my bed is terrifying.

“I decided to join the walk with M.E. Campaign to prove to myself I can do a lot more than I could three/four years ago when I was at my worst and to raise money so tomorrow won't scare me as much!”