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Watch 'Demystifying ME/CFS' webinar

January 19, 2021

Last week, on Thursday 14 January, Dr Charles Shepherd from the ME Association, Dr Nina Muirhead, and Caroline Kingdon from the UK ME/CFS Biobank each gave presentations at the ‘Demystifying ME/CFS’ webinar, hosted by the Cambridge University GP Society.

The webinar covered a range of M.E. topics, including the history of M.E./CFS, attitudes towards the illness, diagnostic criteria, managing M.E./CFS and severe M.E./CFS. The panel also took questions following the presentations which included questions around Covid vaccinations for people with M.E./CFS.

The video is available to view in full online in Google Drive. To help you navigate the video, you can find the beginning of each speaker’s presentation at:

  • 3:30 for Dr Charles Shepherd’s overview of M.E./CFS
  • 28:20 for Dr Nina Muirhead’s talk on her own experience of M.E./CFS, as well as diagnosis and management of the illness
  • 56:13 for Caroline Kingdon on severe M.E./CFS and her work at the ME Biobank
  • 1:21:47 for Q&A from the webinar panel.