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We could not achieve what we do without you: thank you

December 23, 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, Action for M.E. staff, Trustees and volunteers extend huge gratitude to all those who join us to end the ignorance, injustice and neglect experienced by people with M.E.

Some of you are Supporting and Lifetime Members, whose generous one-off and regular donations allow us to reach out to more people isolated by M.E.

Some of you are bakers, knitters, crafters and even ghost hunters, dedicating your time to raising funds for us and highlight the impact of M.E. What’s more, many of you do this while living with the illness yourselves.

Some of you raise awareness by bravely sharing your experience of M.E. in our articles, stories and case studies – this year, they have been published nearly 300 times in the local and national press.

Some of you are runners, walkers, cyclists and skydivers, facing miles of mud and mountains to make sure we can offer much-needed information and support via phone, email and this Online M.E. Centre. In July, our Ride London team raised a record-breaking £10,660.

Some of you support our cause by liking, commenting on and sharing our films and posts on Facebook and Twitter. Every time you do this, our messages get seen by even more people, raising awareness and understanding of M.E. During M.E. Awareness Week, you helped our films be viewed more than 34,000 times on Facebook alone.

Some of you encourage your colleagues and classmates to get involved, too. We are hugely grateful to Louise Dunn and her colleagues at Britannia Construction for making Action for M.E. one of the company’s charities of the year, together raising nearly £4,390.

Some of you use precious time and energy to contact your local politician, sharing our resources and reports to highlight what needs to change for people with M.E.

Some of you are responsible for managing trusts and foundations, whose support of our services and individual projects – like our innovative employment support pilot, SEE M.E. – means that we can reach even more people affected by this horrible illness.

All of you are brilliant, and we could not achieve what we do without you. Thank you. We wish everyone with M.E. and their families and carers a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year.

The Action for M.E. office is now closed until Tuesday 3 January 2017. Find out where to get information and support.