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World ME Day custom poster maker goes live

April 28, 2022

What will you create?

The ME community is particularly incredible in one way – it is active and engaged. This has partly from come from necessity – people with ME have had to speak out for themselves as other parts of society have not. But it is also one of our greatest strengths.

Showing how many people are impacted by ME, and the wealth of knowledge they hold along with their family, carers, friends and other supporters is necessary to creating change.

To this end, the World ME Alliance and its member organisations including Action for M.E. are launching a new custom poster maker ahead of World ME Day on the 12th of May.

Create your own poster alongside thousands of others this World ME Day

There are loads of templates for you to choose from – you can use the standard ones, choose to support a specific organisation with your poster, or choose one in a language other than English. Any poster you create may also be exhibited on the World ME Day website.

It’s as simple as choosing your favourite template, adding text or a photo (or both) and clicking save! Then share your poster to social media, and together we can create

As part of the #LearnFromME theme you are being asked to use your experience to highlight an aspect of ME that should be well known.

The Alliance particularly wants to target healthcare professionals and politicians this year, so consider whether you can send your poster directly to someone in a position of power.

We can’t wait to see what our community has to say in the first World ME Day!

Get creative at