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Would you send an email to help educate GPs about M.E.?

April 04, 2017

Would you be willing to send an email to help educate GPs about M.E.?

Our Medical Advisor, Prof Julia Newton, will host an Action for M.E. educational webinar for GPs and healthcare professionals on May 4. The webinar is free to take part in and is worth 1 CPD credit point but healthcare professionals will need to register in advance.

We’ve created a template letter you can email to your GP surgery asking them to attend the webinar. Doing this shows your GP surgery that patients in their area feel passionately about M.E. and want their doctor to learn more about the illness.

All you need to do is look up the email address of your surgery, download the PDF and email it to them. 

A third of people with M.E. are also diagnosed with positional tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) and so the webinar will focus on how to deal with both PoTS and M.E., including developing appropriate clinical management strategies.