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Yahoo! News discusses M.E. and long-haul Covid similarities

August 24, 2020

“Doctors say feeling weak or foggy after normal tasks has become a distinct pattern among patients with long-lasting symptoms. It reminds them of another condition that's also still somewhat mysterious: chronic fatigue syndrome.”

Over the weekend, Yahoo news published an article highlighting the increasing acknowledgement from medical professionals on the similarities between long-haul coronavirus symptoms and M.E.

Citing shared symptoms such as post-exertional malaise and brain fog, the author of the article also notes the post-viral nature of M.E., listing Lyme Disease and the Epstein Barr Virus as infectious diseases that M.E. can arise from.

Following Anthony Fauci, a top infectious diseases expert in the US, acknowledging the link between COVID-19 and M.E. last month, this article represents more large-scale coverage acknowledging the similarities in symptoms between M.E. and long-haul COVID-19 cases. Dr Nate Favini says:

“There's talk in the medical community about a chronic fatigue syndrome-like illness that could happen after coronavirus... Unfortunately, there will be a small subset of people for whom that becomes the case and these symptoms really do become a chronic thing that you're dealing with for years.”

The author notes the difficulties in establishing direct links between coronavirus and M.E. due to patients needing to be ill for six months in order to receive an M.E. diagnosis, but speculates that the huge amount of COVID-19 coverage and increasing links to M.E. could signal better understanding, research and eventually treatment for patients in the future.

You can read more about this article by visiting the Yahoo! news website.