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Aged up to 19 and living with M.E.? Join our new forum

March 07, 2019

Young people with M.E. have told us that the lack of awareness and understanding of their condition makes them feel very lonely. For those unable to leave their homes because of the severity of their condition, our Severely Affected Members or SAMs, the sense of isolation is even worse.

Our Children and Young People’s Service has launched a new forum for young people up to 19 years of age who are affected by M.E. Some people use the forum to gain support and talk about how M.E. affects them, while others use it to talk about things other than M.E., such as hobbies and interests, and to make friends.

The forum is managed by our Peer Support Officer and offers a dynamic safe, secure space, which is moderated by peer-support volunteers who have M.E. When discussing the forum one young person told us: “I like meeting people who are in the same situation, we don’t just focus on our M.E. but find other similar interests.”

To access the forum you’ll need to join as a community member at and once you’ve joined you’ll be emailed an invitation to join the forum. We hope to see you there!