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Your chance to take part in PIP and ESA inquiry

October 04, 2017

“During my assessment my M.E. was hardly acknowledged or really talked about. The assessor was a nurse and I felt they had little knowledge of my condition or the difficulties it presents to coping with the challenges of day-to-day life. Even when I repeatedly raised points like certain activities would make me ill, possibly causing a relapse and I would require days of rest to recover from them, my statements were ignored or not recorded.”

This is the experience of just one person with M.E. about applying for Personal Independence Payment. Do you have experience of applying for either Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) to share with policy-makers?

Action for M.E. will be putting together a submission to the Work and Pensions Committee’s inquiry into PIP and ESA. We are asking for your thoughts and experiences to inform our response.

Our survey asks for your views on the PIP and ESA assessments, as well as whether you went on to appeal the initial assessment outcome. The survey will be open until 9am on the 6 November.

The Committee are requesting evidence on PIP and ESA, following concerns that there was a disparity between how claimants recalled the assessment process and the final report. Claimants who go on to appeal against their initial assessment decision are successful in 65% of cases.

In particular, the Committee will be looking at:

  • whether assessors have sufficient understanding of a wide range of physical and mental health conditions
  • the dignity and conduct of the assessment process
  • why claimants go on to appeal their initial assessment outcome

We have also been in touch with Lydia Thomas, a BBC Radio 4 journalist who is looking to interview someone with M.E. about claiming PIP. If you would be interested in taking part please email her a short overview of your experience.