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Your donations doubled for Big Give next week

November 24, 2017

“M.E. is not just tiredness, it is pain, confusion, image changes physically and mentally, we hurt, some may argue more than others. M.E. is a life-changing disability and it slows us down, so just because we look well with the facade and makeup, we are not!

“I have read all the advice and information from Action for M.E. and it helped me lots when I was first diagnosed. The forum is brilliant and I have had many cherished conversations on there. Thank you!”

28-year-old Jo is just one of the many thousands of people affected by M.E. that Action for M.E. helps each year thanks to your generous donations. Next week all donations received by Action for M.E. will be doubled, thanks to the Big Give Christmas Challenge.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign. During Big Give Week, from noon Tuesday 28 November to noon Tuesday 5 December, any donation from £5 to £5,000, made to Action for M.E. via the Big Give website, will be doubled.

We need your help to make this exciting opportunity a success – but please don’t donate yet, as your gift won’t be doubled if you do. By taking part, you can help ensure that Action for M.E. can reach even more children and adults affected by M.E., whose stories we’ll be sharing over the coming weeks as part of our Big Give campaign.

We’ll be posting about how you can donate next week, along with sharing the stories and experiences of people affected by M.E.

Watch this space!