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​M.E. matters now: a manifesto for Scotland

March 02, 2016

Action for M.E. has worked with partners to produce M.E. matters now, a manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections in May.

The manifesto asks potential candidates to help us transform the lives of people with M.E. by ensuring that everyone who has the illness gets access to the support they need.

It also tells them what they can do to help us achieve this aim.

The manifesto has been drawn up in partnership with the ME Association, Association of Young People with ME, Falkirk M.E. Self Help Group and Edinburgh M.E. Self-help Group, and includes input from individuals affected by M.E. and supportive health professionals.

Our key M.E. manifesto goals are:

  • training for health, care and support professionals working with people affected by M.E.
  • access to a fair and effective welfare system for people with M.E.
  • timely, informed and appropriate education and employment support for people with M.E.
  • access to timely, holistic support for carers
  • that every person with M.E. – including the most severely affected – has access to a person-centred care plan.

Together with our partners, we are sharing the manifesto with political candidates in the run-up to the election and urging them to pledge their support to work towards achieving these goals in the next Parliament.

Campaign for change: get involved

Please help us to get M.E. onto the political agenda in Scotland by sharing the manifesto.

We have a template letter that you can adapt to send to candidates and party representatives in your area, asking them to pledge their support. There are around 21,000 adults and children in Scotland with M.E., and many more carers, family members and friends affected. That’s potentially a lot of votes.

Please let us know the names of any local candidates who pledge their support for the manifesto by emailing Action for M.E. Scotland Project Coordinator, Kat Allen. We can then follow-up after the election with those who are elected as MSPs, with a view to putting these pledges into action.

If you are able to do so, please consider attending the Alliance’s Health and Social Care Hustings event on Wednesday 16 March, where representatives from Scotland’s main political parties will discuss the issues that matter to people living with disabilities or long-term conditions.