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​Support parliamentary inquiry on M.E.

February 23, 2016

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on M.E. is leading an inquiry into the shocking lack of social care provision for people with M.E.

This has been kick-started by Action for M.E.’s recent Close to collapse report, which indicated that 97% of people with M.E. are eligible for a social care package under criteria set out in the Care Act, yet only 6% receive one. We know this experience is not limited to those with M.E. and affects many other long-term, fluctuating illness groups.

To explore this further, and to ask how we can improve access to appropriate, high-quality social care for people with M.E. in the UK, the APPG will host a policy roundtable in April, with input from health and social care professionals, policy-makers and parliamentarians.

Could you highlight this important work to your MP? You can download and adapt our template letter, which:

  • outlines the issues facing people with M.E., including access to social care
  • invites them to a drop-in session for MPs in May, where they can learn more about M.E. and its impact
  • highlights the work of the APPG on M.E., and how they can support it to improve outcomes for their constituents with M.E.

You can find the email or postal address of your local MP by searching on the Parliament website.

You can also read more about contacting your MP, and how this can help raise awareness of M.E., in our campaign toolkit.