M.E. Awareness Month
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As lockdown restrictions ease for many across the country, we are using May’s M.E. Awareness Month to highlight how thousands of people with M.E. live with restrictions every day.

Join our #yearsinlockdown campaign and help us highlight that lockdown is not over for so many people.

We will share your stories and pictures with journalists, policy-makers and professionals, and ask them to work with us to improve the lives of adults, young people and families with M.E. in the UK. We are asking everyone who sees your pictures to take action now to show their support.

How to get involved

  • Take a photo of yourself holding a sign with the number of years your life has been affected
  • Post it on social media using the hashtag #yearsinlockdown and link to our campaign page www.actionforme.org.uk/yearsinlockdown
  • Or we can share it for you: you can send it to us quickly and easily using our simple form. If you don’t want to take a photo but still want to take part, just skip the photo uploading bit and we will create an image for you.
  • Search for #yearsinlockdown on social and share posts from others who have done the same.
  • If you do not use social media but still want to take part, please send us your picture and a little bit about yourself, and we will share them for you. Click here to send us your image and story
  • If you need some tips on taking photos, see these handy hints and examples of other people who have submitted pictures.

The greater the number of people that get involved, the greater the impact of the campaign! So please join us in raising awareness of the impact M.E. has on so many lives.

Tips for taking your #yearsinlockdown picture

  • Have a plain background, and try to get natural or bright lighting. Try to avoid dark shadows and bright glares.
  • Make sure the sign is easy to read with a large print and bold colours. You do not have to hold it up – you can prop it in front of you, or add text to a photo electronically using apps on your phone or computer
  • Face the camera directly, with the sign straight and clearly visible. Make sure you are not blinking or blurry. Try to avoid tilting the sign, as this will make it hard to read.
  • Your phone may automatically flip the photo, make sure to flip it back so the text is readable. If you do not know how to do this, don’t worry – send us the photo and we will flip it.
  • M.E. affects the whole family, so you can include others in the picture whose life has been restricted because of M.E. if you want to.
  • The photo will be cropped square so please ensure that you and your sign are close together in the image.

Click here to upload your images.