Years in Lockdown

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Years in Lockdown

Hundreds of thousands of children and adults have already been in lockdown for years, sometimes decades, living with the serious neurological condition, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.).

The pandemic has made life even more difficult for many of them and we must do more for everyone who has M.E. now and those who may be diagnosed in the future.

And it’s still not enough. People with M.E. still deserve more.

You can show people with M.E. they are not alone, and help us reach more children, adults and families who need our support.

  • Follow #yearsinlockdown on social media and share our posts. Tag three followers, asking them to do the same.
  • Signpost your GP, therapist or other healthcare professional to Dr Nina Muirhead’s highly rated learning module about M.E.
  • Sign up for updates for DecodeME and help spread the word about the world’s largest M.E. DNA study.
  • Change your Facebook profile picture using one of our four frames to show support for everyone living with M.E. Simply click on your profile picture, click "update image" and then "add frame" using the search term "MEAM2021"
  • Shape the future of M.E./CFS research by sharing your ideas in the M.E./CFS Priority Setting Partnership survey.
  • Take part in Anna’s brilliant Blue Sunday Tea Party for M.E. on Sunday 16 May, and raise money to support our vital work.
  • Sign up for Walk with M.E. and challenge friends and family to walk one million steps in 100 days from Tuesday 1 June.
  • Donate to Action for M.E. and help us reach more people with M.E., raising awareness about M.E. and campaigning for change.

Walk with M.E.

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