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Action for M.E. 2016-2021 strategy

Our purpose is to end the ignorance, injustice and neglect experienced by people with M.E. We will do this by meeting need now while taking action to secure change for the future. In August 2018, we revised our organisational strategy to include our promises to children and young people with M.E., following the launch of our Children and Young People's Services Team.

What is M.E.? / Living with M.E. / Health & care professionals / Employers & teachers / Research / Children and young people with M.E./CFS / Make a difference

Action for M.E. Trustee report and accounts 2018-2019

What progress have we made on our promises to improve the lives of young people and adults with M.E., inspire action at all levels, and bring more money and more people into biomedical M.E. research? Read our annual report to find out, along with how we raise and spend our funds.

What is M.E.? / Living with M.E. / Employers & teachers / Research / Children and young people with M.E./CFS / Health & care professionals / Make a difference

Research funding assessment process

This process has been developed to provide clarity, transparency and a clear governance framework for our key stakeholders including researchers, universities, donors, Action for M.E. supporting members and other people affected by M.E. It sets out our five-stage process for assessing research funding applications.