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How can Action for M.E. help me support my patients?

Action for M.E. works collaboratively with health and social care professionals and we are always interested to hear from those who have an interest in M.E. and/or want to know more.

Useful publications that you can download from our Resources section to help you support your patients/clients include:

  • our Newly diagnosed with M.E. booklet, aimed at patients and professionals
  • our Managing M.E./CFS: a guide for GPs in Scotland booklet, produced as part of Action for M.E.'s Inform M.E. project, funded by the Scottish Government, to provided educational resources on M.E. to health professionals in Scotland.

We host a number of events throughout the year, including webinars and webchats, open to everyone affected by M.E. and the professionals that support them.

You may also wish to encourage people affected by M.E. to make use of:

  • our Welfare Advice and Support Service (no referral is necessary)
  • our peer-support forum, M.E. Friends Online; users tell us they feel less isolated and better supported
  • our social media channels, where users can keep up to date with the latest M.E. news and stay in touch with others going through a simiar experience
  • their local M.E. support group, which can be an invaluable source of information and support close to home. UK groups can be found in our searchable services directory.