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How do you decide what research to fund and support?

We only fund projects that fit with our research strategy, developed after extensive consultation with more than 1,000 people affected by M.E.

This strategy sets out how we will work towards our longer-term goal of personalised medicine, ensuring that each person with M.E. receives the right treatment.

We also have a clear research funding assessment process, developed to provide clarity, transparency and a clear governance framework for our key stakeholders, including researchers, universities, donors, Action for M.E. supporting members and other people affected by M.E.

All applications by researchers who wish to have their work funded by our Clare Francis Research Fund undergo the following five-stage application process:

  • initial triage by our CEO
  • external peer review, in most circumstances by at least two reviewers
  • examination by our Voice Committee
  • examination by our Scientific Advisory Panel
  • award decision-making by the Board of Trustees.