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I am feeling worse than usual: is this normal?

During your illness you may experience periods of better health or well-being, but there may also be times when your health deteriorates.

Having a relapse or setback is not uncommon at some stage.

Relapses can be mild or severe and can happen for many reasons, but often because of trying to do too much. You will need to make changes in your daily routine to manage any setbacks. Most importantly, you need to understand what is happening and to have a plan of what to do.

Speak to your GP or specialist, if you have one.

Don’t be disheartened by delays in your progress. Some people say that they experience relapses throughout their recovery but that over time they get shorter or less severe through learning ways to manage them better.

Just as a small step forward in your health doesn’t guarantee that you will immediately get better, a relapse doesn’t have to mean that the course of your illness is on a downward curve.

It's important to get some emotional support if you are coping with a relapse, perhaps through your local M.E. support group.