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What does Action for M.E. hope to achieve?

Over the past 30 years, Action for M.E. has worked to improve the lives of people with M.E., taking action to reduce the isolation experienced by many and working to create change. Despite our best efforts, people with M.E. still face ignorance, injustice and neglect. Our 2016-2021 Strategy seeks to tackle this with even more ambition, more investment and more creativity. We are a small organisation that regularly punches above its weight. We are leading, with others, a growing community of supporters working to create real change on the scale so urgently needed at a local, national and international level.

There is much to do and we cannot do it alone. We will seek to work with others where possible to avoid unnecessary duplication and to create a stronger voice for the 250,000 people in the UK with M.E., and the many more children and families directly affected by it now and in the future.

We invite you to join us. Together we can stop M.E. stealing lives.

We will provide an information support service that supports people to make informed decisions about living with the impact of M.E.

  • We will extend our telephone and email information service to reach 20% more people over the next five years, including piloting an online service where people can book a session with an Information and Support Officer.
  • We will continue to increase the reach of our Online M.E. Centre by 20% over five years, empowering more people affected by M.E. to make informed decisions about living with the impact of the condition.
  • We will continue to provide printed information for those people with M.E. whose symptoms prevent them from access resources online.
  • It reflects our willingness to engage with local and national challenges and make a difference to the lives of people with M.E.

    We will increase practical support for people with M.E. by linking them with local volunteers.

  • We will explore developing an innovative project to transform how people with M.E. can identify and connect with local volunteers to support them with routine daily tasks.
  • We will increase access to advocacy to enable people to secure the support and care available to them.

  • We will develop our specialist welfare advice service to reach 20% more people over five years and ensure that they are able to access the financial support available to them.
  • We will secure funding to pilot an advocacy service to support people in accessing the services and care they need and seek to roll this out nationally.
  • We will increase information to people with M.E. to enable them to better manage the illness, its symptoms and its impact.

  • We will fundraise to pilot a one-year programme of self-management webinars for 200 people affected by M.E., based on the experience of people with M.E. and professionals.
  • We will improve collaboration with local support groups to achieve their aims and objectives.

  • We will undertake a consultation with local M.E. support groups to inform our activity.
  • We will develop a model of support with, and for, local M.E. support groups to be offered to them to enhance their reach and reduce isolation.