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What is Mentor M.E. and how can I get involved?

Mentor M.E. peer support network is a five-year Action for M.E. project, launched in 2016, and funded by the Scottish Government and the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the Alliance) from the Transforming Self-Management in Scotland Fund. This project will develop a network of volunteer peer mentors supporting people living with M.E. in Scotland.

The Mentor M.E. project aims to:

  • empower people living with M.E. and their carers to manage the condition in line with individual circumstances while living their lives as fully as possible
  • grow a new peer mentoring network, rolling it out in stages across different areas of Scotland between 2016 and 2021
  • develop a strong sustainable mentoring network led by people living with M.E.

Get involved

We are developing the Mentor M.E. network in Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife, and began recruiting volunteer mentors in September 2016. They took part in training and skills-development sessions, and were matched with those seeking mentoring support in early 2017.

We are now (Feb 2018) seeking further people with M.E. who would like to use their experience to become volunteer mentors.

If you have M.E. and live in Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife and feel you could benefit from having a peer mentor with experience of the illness then the project could support you to live a more fulfilling life, whatever your present situation. Mentees and mentors can access ongoing support from Action for M.E. and have the chance to meet others in similar circumstances. 

For more information, please:

The man behind the idea

The original idea for a peer mentoring network was suggested by Action for M.E. supporter Kelly McLellan, who talks in the film below about his motivations and aspirations for the Mentor M.E. project.