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What is the neurophysiology of pain in ME study about?

Led by: Prof Peter White and Dr Julius Bourke

Aims: To discover the physiological and chemical abnormalities underlying pain experienced by people with M.E.

Cost: Action for M.E. took over the management of this study in July 2014, following the closure of the CFS Research Foundation, which had already secured and allocated funding for it.

Length of study: Three years

Study began: January 2014

Background information: A large majority of people with M.E. experience painful symptoms including muscle and joint pain, headaches, sore throat and lymph node pain. Many endure chronic widespread pain which can become almost unbearable. An additional problem for these sufferers is that normal pain killers do little to ease their pain.

Scientists and doctors know very little about why pain is such a problem but there is some evidence to suggest that the way the brain handles pain signals in people with M.E. is different from that in healthy people.

Read the full report from the study.