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Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021

Our Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021 is now over, and we have surpassed our target, thanks to our wonderful community of supporters. We are just adding together the final figures and then we can announce the overall total!

With funds raised through the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021, we will be able to help more people like Helen.

Helen has had M.E. for 16 years, since she was 12 years old. As a child, Helen loved playing sport, but she found it increasingly difficult due to her fatigue. Eventually, she had to give up.

“It was more difficult than anyone could imagine, because sport was my whole life. It wasn’t just my hobby, it was all I knew”

During the early years of her illness, with little support elsewhere, Helen searched for more information about M.E. She said:

“[Action for M.E.] was the first place I can remember turning to and finding information about what was going on with me and my body”

Helen also struggled with recognition and understanding of her illness, and turned to our Young Persons’ Forum for support:

Reading comments from other people who feel the same way as you can be the biggest comfort in what can feel like a very lonely world”

Our Young Persons’ Forum is a place for young people living with M.E. to connect with each other, to share their stories and to feel less isolated. Many children and young people have told us through feedback and consultations that the isolation is one of the worst things about their M.E. – 97% say they have felt socially isolated because of the condition. We also send birthday cards to our young members from our young volunteers to reduce isolation. Helen remembers:

“It was always a highlight, when day after day, month after month, year after year was full of fighting, fighting for recognition, for a diagnosis, for help, it always felt like a piece of support and recognition that what you are going through is real and that you weren’t alone in your fight”

In the last few years, Helen has learned to manage her M.E. better, by pacing and using a wheelchair to conserve energy. With your support, we can help more people like Helen living with M.E. by providing them with information about the condition and the support available to them. By donating to our Big Give Christmas Challenge, you are helping us to continue being a “lifeline” to people with M.E., to reduce their isolation and ensure they don’t ever have to feel alone.

What is the Big Give Christmas Challenge?

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest match-funding campaign, where for one week only, all donations are doubled, meaning that every penny you give is worth twice as much. In 2020, our Big Give champions, Candis Club, along with some of our generous supporters, kindly provided this match pot to double donations and together we raised £169,710.

Thank you for your support.