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Invest in M.E. conference highlights

3 June 2013

Invest in M.E. held its 8th International M.E./CFS Research Conference in London on Friday, focusing on the role of infections, immunity and biomarkers in M.E.

“What really stood out for me was Dr Andreas Kogelnik’s presentation on harnessing technology to bring M.E. research into the mainstream,” says Action for M.E. CEO Sonya Chowdhury, who attended the conference with hundreds of other patients, carers, researchers and clinicians.

“He gave an example of how, with the help of new biotechnology, human genome sequencing has made great leaps forward: our ability to generate data is about to outstrip our ability to use it.

“If we could use similar technology to investigate M.E./CFS at a biomedical level, we could drive research forward, not just scientifically but politically, too.”

Other highlights include presentations on brain imaging by Dr Rakib Rayhan, impaired NK cell function by Dr Donald Staines and a cerebrospinal fluid study by Prof Mady Hornig. Dr Øystein Fluge and Prof Olav Mella gave a pre-publication preview of their follow-up Rituximab study, while Dr Clare Gerada highlighted the challenges of managing long-term conditions.

A DVD featuring the full presentations, plenary sessions and pre-conference dinner speech from the Open Medicine Institute Foundation’s Linda Tannenbaum is available priced £14.

You can also read full conference reports by M.E. patient Mark Berry and Dr William Weir, or very short Twitter updates from Jørgen Jelstad.

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