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Time for Action

8541 people so far have joined the campaign.

Together, let's end the ignorance, injustice and neglect of M.E., once and for all.

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  • Far too many people still don’t understand that M.E. is a chronically disabling condition that wrecks people's lives.
  • This ignorance extends from the heart of Government, through the NHS and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), right down to employers, teachers, sometimes even family members.
  • It’s 2013, yet we still don’t know what causes M.E., or how to cure it. Unacceptable.


  • People disabled by M.E. are either not getting the welfare support or social care to which they are entitled, or are at constant risk of losing their benefits.
  • More than half of those with M.E. will end up losing their jobs, just because they are ill.
  • No other illness with such a devastating impact on so many people has so little money spent on scientific research or the provision of specialist healthcare.


M.E. affects 250,000 people in the UK, but successive governments have shown little interest in doing anything, and have just swept it under the carpet.

  • Too many of those most affected by M.E. are simply left at home; lonely, isolated and abandoned by the medical profession and social services alike.
  • For far too long, too little scientific research has been undertaken that might ultimately find the answers that we are all seeking.
  • What we're going to do about it

    • We will campaign relentlessly to expose the disgraceful neglect of M.E. and the institutional discrimination against those who have it, until Government commits to putting this right.
    • We will drive the agenda on scientific research by investing in our own pilot studies to open up understanding of the biology of M.E.
    • We will continue to compensate for Government failings by providing support to people with M.E. through our Online M.E. Centre and Welfare Rights Line, and will launch new services to help GPs, employers and teachers understand the illness better.

    Why we need your support

    • Many voices can force change. We need to roar our disapproval of the current situation, not say it with a whimper.
    • Whether you have M.E. yourself, are a carer, a family member or a close friend, you understand how important it is to bring about change. Your support is vital if we are to succeed.
    • Please also tell your friends about the campaign. Forward them the link ( and ask them to register their support too. The louder our voice, the more chance of positive action.

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    Yes, I want to take action to help end the ignorance, injustice and neglect of M.E., once and for all.

    About Action for M.E.

    Action for M.E. is the UK’s largest M.E. charity and has achieved notable success in its 25 year history, in getting the illness properly recognised and in providing help and support to those who are affected. But there is still so much more to be done.The charity is totally dependent on donations to continue funding its work. Become a regular supporter of Action for M.E. or make a donation.

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