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Breaking isolation project

Breaking isolation project

Funded by BBC Children in Need, our Breaking Isolation project is being co-designed and delivered by young people with M.E.

The three-year project will see our steering group come together online to design and deliver a series of isolation-busting workshops for children and young people with M.E.

Currently the plan is to hold workshops in person in November 2020 and spring 2021 (subject to any Covid-19 restrictions at that time). They will be open to anyone with M.E. aged 10 to 18 years.

By participating in these workshops, we hope young people will feel less lonely, have improved self-esteem and build positive relationships.

Get involved

If you're aged 18 or under, our steering group invite you to take part in a short survey to help them plan the workshops, thinking about what activities they should include, and what support young people with M.E. might need to take part.

One respondent so far told us:

"I don't think that my friends realise that it's not just being tired, and there are so many other symptoms that come with M.E."

Another said:

"I think the workshops would help massively because young people with M.E. can get together, form friendships and just be in a room where no one judges them for needing to lie down or take a break."

The survey will take five to 10 minutes to complete, and we're grateful for anything you can share with us. Please do also pass on to any other young people with M.E. you think might be interested. Thank you!