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Breaking isolation project

Breaking isolation project

Funded by BBC Children in Need, our Breaking Isolation project is being co-designed and delivered by young people with M.E.

The three-year project, starting in 2020, brings together a steering group to design and deliver a series of isolation-busting workshops for children and young people with M.E. aged between eight and 18.

We have taken part in three successful workshops in the first year, with more scheduled for the summer and autumn of 2021.

By participating in these workshops, we hope young people will feel less lonely, have improved self-esteem and build positive relationships.

Take part in our workshops

Our free Breaking Isolation workshops are an exciting opportunity to meet other children and young people who have M.E., to get to know each other and to take part in fun games and creative activities. We hope you will also gain confidence in talking about your M.E. in a safe and understanding environment.

Our last workshop for young people aged eight to 14 years was held last autumn.

We are now open for bookings for our three-part workshop for 15 to 18 year olds at the end of March/start of April. Please note that these workshops are more suitable for young people who are mildly/moderately affected. If you are more severely affected but would like to join in, please contact the team to discuss this.

  • When? 12.30pm to 2pm on Wednesday 23 March, Wednesday 30 March and Wednesday 6 April 2022.
  • Where? Online via Zoom webinar: register your free place today.
  • Who can take part? Young people with M.E./CFS aged 15 to 18 years. If you are under 16, please provide your parent/carer's contact details (there is a space for this on the registration form), as we will need to contact them and get consent for you to attend these workshops.
  • What will it involve? Time to meet other young people with M.E./CFS, participate in fun interactive and creative activities and discussions on relevant topics (like school and coping with symptoms).

We can accommodate a maximum of 12 young people at each workshop, which are co-facilitated by other young people with M.E. and two Action for M.E. staff members. There will be a break, and you are free to turn your camera or sound off and/or mute yourself at any point. It has been designed by young people not to be too demanding: you can opt in or out of activities, and there is no pressure to speak.

If you would like more information about the workshops or our project overall, or would like to register your interest in future workshops, please send us an email.