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Our strategic touchstones

Our strategic touchstones

In our Statement of strategic intent 2013-2016, Action for M.E. set out a bold and ambitious agenda for change, based on three strategic touchstones.

You can read about how we have delivered on these in our 2014-2015 Trustee report and accounts.

Inform and influence

We increase awareness and understanding of the illness and its impact alongside working to influence policy-makers and others to increase investment in research and improve the services, care and support for people affected by M.E. We do this by:

  • building stronger coverage in the media, facilitating events and working with our Ambassadors to raise the profile of the illness
  • working with policy-makers and senior decision-makers to ensure that the needs and voices of people affected by M.E. are heard and acted upon
  • working collaboratively with other organisations to challenge inequalities and injustice within the welfare benefits system
  • improving understanding and awareness of M.E. among health and social care practitioners
  • raising awareness and understanding of M.E. with employers, other support organisations and government departments.

Empower and support

We empower and support people affected by M.E. to live life to their full potential, while providing them with a wide range of up-to-date information about M.E. and resources available to them. We do this by:

  • offering up-to-date and accurate information, support and signposting to services for through our Online M.E. Centre, services directory, publications, Welfare Advice and Support Service and 18-month pilot employment project
  • evaluating our services to know what difference we make for people affected by M.E. and ensure continuous improvement and development of our work
  • working with the health service to ensure that patients receive improved information and support at the point of diagnosis
  • assessing what support local M.E. support groups want from us and what we can do to provide this.


We support high-quality, evidenced-based medical, social and economic research and invest in pilot research projects to help us learn more and to stimulate greater mainstream funding of M.E. research. We do this by:

  • working strategically with others, including the CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative and international researchers to help achieve our mission and vision
  • developing a programme of work to initiate and support social policy research projects to enhance insight of the illness and its impact
  • funding medical research pilot studies to expand knowledge and attract mainstream funding
  • keeping patient voice at the heart of our research work.