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Support for families

Support for families

We are here for parents or family members of children and young people in the UK, with the symptoms of M.E., CFS, post-viral fatigue syndrome or Long Covid; a confirmed diagnosis isn't necessary for you to access support.

We provide a safe and understanding space where you can feel heard and understood, and access key information about healthcare, medication, education and social care, along with a range of free resources.

We can also signpost to additional services (see below) that your child can access directly.

Services for children and young people with M.E.

Our Young People's Community for young people with M.E. (aged up to and including 18 years) is free to join and includes a range of peer-support options including a safe and supportive online forum, our monthly e-magazine Cheers, and pen pal matching. We can also set up severely affected members with buddies, who will send them short letters or emails with no expectations of a reply.

One of our community members told us:

"The forum has really helped me feel less isolated. Meeting other young people with M.E./CFS and being able to make friends who can completely relate to me has been amazing! I especially enjoy the forum drop ins where people can talk in real time. The moderators on the forum are really friendly and so helpful if I ever have questions. It's lovely to have such a supportive community."

While our Young People's Advocacy service is now closed, we still offer up-to-date information and guidance on our website pages for young people and their parents/carers, along with free resources to share with professionals supporting children and adults with M.E.