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“My life stopped...”

This report focuses on the experiences of 298 people identifying themselves as severely affected (out of 2,081 total respondents with M.E.) who took part in Action for M.E.’s 2014 health, welfare, employment and education survey.

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Campaign toolkit

This toolkit offers ideas and tips for a selection of campaigning and lobbying activities. Direct contact from constituents is the best way to achieve impact but we understand that many people with M.E. are too unwell to take part in high energy activities, so this guide focuses on low-energy tactics which can be just as worthwhile.

Living with M.E. / Make a difference

Campaign toolkit for Scotland

Working with people with M.E., we have developed this toolkit with ideas and templates that can support individuals and groups to campaign in Scotland. The idea came out of discussions at Action for M.E.’s open meetings in Glasgow and Lockerbie in October 2014. Developing the toolkit was one of six key activities taken forward from the meetings as part of our Hear me, influence M.E. project, funded by a Big Lottery, Awards for All Scotland grant.

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Close to collapse

M.E. is a chronic disabling condition that can have a devastating effect on people’s lives. This interim report, based on findings from our 2015 survey, demonstrates the shocking gap between the need for social care, and the provision of appropriate services, for adults in the UK with this disabling condition.

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